When The Thrill Is Gone

When the thrill is gone. Is it just about my feelings? This podcast looks at how when we lack the feelings of joy and excitement that we often have when we first give our lives to Christ. It examines the role feelings have in our relationship with Christ.  It explores the relationship of our feelings and our faith. It examines what does God’s word say about the relationship of faith and feelings.

EP 8 Culture Club

This discussion looks at the church culture. Church can seem like a very exclusive club. There is a culture that is understood by members but can make a guest feel out of place or unwelcomed. We look at the difference between church tradition and biblical teachings on the purpose of the church.

EP7 Brow Beating 101

One of the reasons millennials don’t go to church is because they think it is a lot of rules and judgement with very little love. To quote the book, “Making Space for Millennials”, by Barna Research, “Substantial majorities of millennials “who don’t go to church say they see Christians as judgmental, 87%. It’s this majoring-in-the-minors culture that’s pushing millennials out of church. While churches’ mission statements read, “Love God,” “Love People” “Serve the World”, the look on church members faces say, “You don’t belong here.” The discussion will examine why there seems to be more rules than a welcoming atmosphere. We will look at the difference between religious dogma and biblical teachings.

EP 6 Christianity Where Fun Goes to Die

The discussion will look at the church’s propensity to condemn popular culture. Studies show instead of rejecting culture, millennials want to be a part of redeeming the culture. Discussion will examine if Christianity is just a lot of rules that don’t allow you to enjoy yourself. Looking at ideas like you can’t date, can’t listen to secular music or hang out outside of the church if you’re a Christian. We look to separate myth from biblical truths.

EP5 Spiritually Human

This explores the idea that being a Christian means being perfect. This episode will use the Apostle Paul’s discussion in Roman’s Chapter 7 to look at the human condition and how everyone falls short of being the perfect person. It will discuss how we need the Holy Spirit to overcome our inadequacies and human failures.

EP4 Church Inc. Is Tithing A Hustle?

With ministers asking their congregation for planes, and such, this episode explores the church’s use of money provided the congregants.  It looks at, most importantly, God’s word about giving (tithing) in relationship to how the world looks at giving.

EP3 “Some People Just Don’t Get the Whole Church Thing”

This discussion addresses the why you need Jesus if you are basically a good person. They just don’t seem to get the whole church thing. Addressing those who may consider themselves spiritual and/or humanist. They give charitably, they don’t try to intentionally hurt others and see religion as no better than this philosophy. Given this view we look at why they should consider Jesus.

“Are We Just Here for the Turn Up”

We celebrate Jesus birth and resurrection but not his life. Often people come to church to celebrate key dates; Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. Those days are often mark by church programs that highlight praise and fellowship that tends to attract people to church who don’t regularly attend. But the fact that they come, even sporadically, says that there is something they find in the church that is not present during certain season in the world. This episode explores how sporadic returning to the church may indicate a deeper desire to connect with God.



Discussion surrounded by choices made regarding spirituality, religion, and how they apply to everyday people, circumstances and life.