Sorry, Not Sorry Part II

Sorry, Not Sorry Part II

In this last segment of Sorry, Not Sorry, Deacon Ham and the Rev. O, continue their discussion of forgiveness and repentance. They focus on victimization and seeking wholeness from true sorrow and what it takes to actually get there. They talk about condemnation and moving on. Forgiveness, apologizing and obedience are hard to execute. They speak of being kind of sorry and then becoming a victim instead of the offender. There can only be one victim and the apology has to be from the offender’s standpoint and not the offender claiming to also be a victim.

Deacon Ham and Rev. O speak of emotions and how one should own the hurt, pain, embarrassment, etc. that they are feeling. We can be better people if we’re willing to own our offenses. In their discussion of the woman who was caught in adultery and the men or wanted to stone her they talk about people believing that there has to be someone else and not enough to just focus on the woman, we want to know what about the man and why we don’t hear about him.  With reference to John 8:1-11 they offer content on how Jesus dealt with sin and forgiveness. We need forgiveness in order to have wholeness and be complete.

EP15 “Sorry, Not Sorry Pt. I”

Deacon Ham and the Rev. O, tackle the difficult subject of forgiveness and repenting. They examine the meaning of “I’m sorry” and the distinction between being sorry something happened versus being sorry because you were caught doing wrong. Sorry, Not Sorry also examines how we sometimes are unwilling to forgive and even struggle with the concept of forgiveness. The hosts explore the effect of how we handle offenses carry over into our relationships especially our relationship with God. The hosts discuss how God handles sin and repentance, giving examples of real life situations. As they work through some scenarios, they realize the subject is much too broad and complex to discuss fully the forgiveness process in one podcast which includes: acknowledging an offense; apologizing; forgiving; and repentance. They agree to discuss it further in Part II of Sorry, Not Sorry. 

Stay tuned to our View from the Mount podcast as we continue unfolding this difficult subject in an attempt to help others to be accountable for their offenses, seek forgiveness and repent.   

EP14 Swap Meet

Swap Meet.  This episode looks at transactional faith were blessings are tied to actions or behavior, a spiritual “tit for tat” between God and the believer.  The host looks at how some believer barter with God similar to the practices of barter used at flea markets or swap meets. Our host relates the parable of the Prodigal Son looking at his sense of entitlement compared to his father’s act of love. The hosts also explores other biblical examples of how God provides out of love and not obligation.  The host explores the arrogance that is present when we want God to work within our standard. They explain why the goal should be to get to know God instead of trying to manipulate to get our way.  The host explore why this swap meet faith is bad faith and explain what good faith looks like in accordance to biblical principle.  This is an excellent podcast for people struggling to surrender their will to God’s will.

EP13 Hurt Church People, Hurt Church People

Hurt Church People, Hurt Church People. This podcast explores mean spirited Christians and how mean spirited Christians can affect the fellowship within the church. The hosts explore the damage saved people, who are hurting, can damage the fellowship of the church among members and church visitors. It discusses ways to deal with these people using biblical principles that allows their behavior to be confronted while still loving the person. It also offers advice to those who are hurting others but are not aware they are being mean Christians. The hosts explore how someone can be saved and a new creature in Christ but still behave like they are in bondage because of their pain. The discussion will help if you have left a church as a result of a member of the congregation hurting you or you have encountered a mean Christian and it has tainted your view of the church. It will help you put that hurt in perspective and discuss how to not let it derail you from the purpose God has for your life. If you are doing the hurting, the discussion will speak to how you can heal in order to allow you to be used by God to help build His kingdom and stop your destructive behavior.

EP12 Loneliness Part 2

Loneliness Part 2. People can be lonely in a crowd. While this seems odd for a Christian who is a member of a church but there are people in the church who are lonely and feel out of touch. They are afraid to tell anyone that they are struggling with an issue. In this two part episode of View from the Mount podcast, the host discuss how people are struggling in silence. In Part Two our hosts discuss how the church can address many of the challenges that those who feel lonely may have. They discuss biblical solutions. The hosts explore ways that the bible deals with loneliness. The hosts talk about ways other believers can identify and help people who are lonely in the church. They also help people who are lonely with biblical responses that provides evidence that God cares for them. The hosts discuss how God is always with you and doesn’t leave you alone.

EP11 Loneliness Pt1

Loneliness Part 1.  People can be lonely in a crowd. While this seems odd for a Christian who is a member of a church but there are people in the church who are lonely and feel out of touch. They are afraid to tell anyone that they are struggling with an issue. In this two part episode of View from the Mount podcast, the host discuss how people are struggling in silence. In Part One they discuss how damaging this can be to both the person and the body of Christ. They look at some common causes for feeling lonely and some of the behavior associated with the feeling alone and isolated. They share personal experiences of their interaction with people who have dealt with being lonely. They also look at why this can go unnoticed in the church.  The host also discuss the issues and challenges that can cause people to feel lonely. The host look how feeling lonely can lead to destructive behavior.

EP10 Is Christianity the Political Party of the Left or Right

Given how evangelical celebrity personalities have made certain social issues about political parties, the discussion will look at what God’s word says about social issues.

EP9 When The Thrill Is Gone

When the thrill is gone. Is it just about my feelings? This podcast looks at how when we lack the feelings of joy and excitement that we often have when we first give our lives to Christ. It examines the role feelings have in our relationship with Christ.  It explores the relationship of our feelings and our faith. It examines what does God’s word say about the relationship of faith and feelings.

EP8 Culture Club

This discussion looks at the church culture. Church can seem like a very exclusive club. There is a culture that is understood by members but can make a guest feel out of place or unwelcomed. We look at the difference between church tradition and biblical teachings on the purpose of the church.

EP7 Brow Beating 101

One of the reasons millennials don’t go to church is because they think it is a lot of rules and judgement with very little love. To quote the book, “Making Space for Millennials”, by Barna Research, “Substantial majorities of millennials “who don’t go to church say they see Christians as judgmental, 87%. It’s this majoring-in-the-minors culture that’s pushing millennials out of church. While churches’ mission statements read, “Love God,” “Love People” “Serve the World”, the look on church members faces say, “You don’t belong here.” The discussion will examine why there seems to be more rules than a welcoming atmosphere. We will look at the difference between religious dogma and biblical teachings.