EP4 Church Inc. Is Tithing A Hustle?

With ministers asking their congregation for planes, and such, this episode explores the church’s use of money provided the congregants.  It looks at, most importantly, God’s word about giving (tithing) in relationship to how the world looks at giving.

EP3 “Some People Just Don’t Get the Whole Church Thing”

This discussion addresses the why you need Jesus if you are basically a good person. They just don’t seem to get the whole church thing. Addressing those who may consider themselves spiritual and/or humanist. They give charitably, they don’t try to intentionally hurt others and see religion as no better than this philosophy. Given this view we look at why they should consider Jesus.

“Are We Just Here for the Turn Up”

We celebrate Jesus birth and resurrection but not his life. Often people come to church to celebrate key dates; Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. Those days are often mark by church programs that highlight praise and fellowship that tends to attract people to church who don’t regularly attend. But the fact that they come, even sporadically, says that there is something they find in the church that is not present during certain season in the world. This episode explores how sporadic returning to the church may indicate a deeper desire to connect with God.



Discussion surrounded by choices made regarding spirituality, religion, and how they apply to everyday people, circumstances and life.