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1. How to Read and Study the Bible ( Dr. Robert Childs) * Berean Baptist Church, Washington, DC

This course identifies methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity. Students will be exposed to the three major steps of methodical Bible study, along with resources to aid personal study.

2. Spiritual Warfare (Overseer Edwon Brown) *Refuge Baptist Assembly, Beltsville, MD

God calls us to a deeper relationship in Him. A confident Christian should recognize the subtle wickedness of Satan, and his attempt to infiltrate the church through the members. This class is designed to teach students to encourage themselves; and to claim victory during the test.

3. “In-House Evangelism” or “Why Won’t the Saints on the Seats Witness?” (Dr. Keith Byrd) * Zion Baptist, Washington, DC

In order to build an effective church through intentional Evangelism, it is necessary to start “in-house.” “In-House Evangelism” is the prayerful preparation of the people in the pews to be powerful proclaimers (witnesses) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This course seeks to determine the reason for their reluctance and equip them with the tools needed to courageously, strategically, simplistically and purposefully develop a witnessing plan to become stronger laborers working with God in the work of winning souls.

4. The Church’s Call to Win Men (Rev. John McCoy) * Word of God Baptist Church, Hyattsville, MD

Not only is there a social need to win males to the Church but, there are biblical mandates and methodologies to illustrate the fact that the New Testament is about the humanity of God. Bring your bibles and a spirit of openness.

5. Strengthening Your Prayer Life (Dr. Eric Baldwin) * Antioch Baptist Church, Washington, DC

As a disciple of Christ, prayer is essential and provides the opportunity to gain new strengths, new insights, and new affirmations on your daily journey with God. This class will help you to enhance your prayer life and order your steps by joining others in journaling and developing daily prayer concerns and techniques in your prayer life.

6. Being a Godly Woman (Lady Edna Owens) * Abyssinian Baptist Church, Fairmount Heights, MD

Bringing our lives into submission to God’s will in everything is the key to being a Godly woman. Come learn the “how-to’s.”

7. Identifying The Lineage Of The Black Race Through The Sons Of Noah (Dr. Dexter Nutall) * Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, Washington, DC

This course is an in-depth study about identifying the Biblical Lineage of the Black Race through the three sons of Noah and his wife: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Also we will examine the anthropology (the study of human societies, cultures, and development) of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Furthermore, this study will explore where they settled in the earth historically; what it is geographically called today, and the various ways they evolved. Consequently, how some members of the Black Community view themselves today based upon knowing scripturally that the Black Race was and still is redeemed and respected by the Almighty God.

8. Angels and Demons: Removing the Religious Rubble (Rev. Charles Russell) * Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

The class will explore the difference between Angels and Demons. We will discuss how to remove the religious rubble about them with Biblical truths and scriptures.

9. Exploring the Bible (Ages 3-12) – Sister Barbara Little and Deaconess Elizabeth Williams * Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

These classes will offer exciting, fun activity for children as they explore the Bible and seek to learn the stories of old.

10. Clergy Roundtable Discussion (Rev. Terry D. Streeter –Facilitator) -Tuesday thru Thursday-April 9-11 from 7-8 pm – Invite Pastors and Ministers